About Chesed Shel Emes

Chesed Shel Emes, an agency of true loving kindness, was founded in 1930 to serve as the Jewish mortuary and community burial society (Chevra Kadisha) for Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. In keeping with traditional practices, our volunteers and staff provide the ritual services of sitting vigil with the deceased (Shmira), and the washing, blessing, purifying and dressing of the deceased (Tahara) in preparation for burial. We operate a chapel which is available for funeral services, and were the first to offer live web streaming and recording of funeral services.

Equality and respect


We are a not for profit organization with a mandate to ensure that every Jewish person is cared for regardless of their ability to pay. Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of representatives of every Winnipeg synagogue, and Members at Large who represent the community. In addition to our Tahara team volunteers, we have developed a volunteer Sewing Circle; ladies who sew our simple burial outfits (tachrichim).

Chesed Shel Emes provides education and specialized programming for the general and  Jewish communities on traditional Jewish practices at the end of life through speaking engagements, facility tours, website and social media, Death Cafe and webinars. We were instrumental in the production of ‘My Jewish Death”, a film by local filmmaker (and Chevra Kadisha volunteer) Saul Henteleff. We serve as the community Geniza , the storehouse of sacred books and ritual items, and coordinate the community book burial.

Our website houses the community database of deceased, with searchable records from 1945 to present. We serve as liaison with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Manitoba Vital Statistics Agency, WRHA Palliative Care Program and hospital and PCH administration.

Our Chevra Kadisha

Men and women are carefully chosen and trained as volunteer members of the Chevra Kadisha (holy society). Our purpose is to dutifully and lovingly prepare the dead for burial, an act of true loving-kindness.

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New meets old, Main Street

Explore Our New Building & Historic Chapel

Chesed Shel Emes chapel, opened in 1947, reflects our community history of generosity and volunteerism. With the completion of our new south building in 2021, a new chapter has begun.

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Our History

Since 1930 Chesed Shel Emes has been an essential service in our community, providing mortuary and ritual services to the deceased and assisting families in time of need.

Our new facility will ensure that the Chevra Kadisha has a home for generations to come.

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Directors & Staff

Staff, volunteers and directors are committed to our mission : to ensure that every Jewish individual is treated with kindness in death, and has access to our ancient wisdom and traditions. The Jewish ways in death and mourning are our precious inheritance.

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Building on our tradition 
of loving kindness

Creating a new home for an essential service.

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