Winnipeg's Non-Profit Community Chevra Kadisha

The Chevra Kadisha or Holy Society is an agency of chesed or true loving kindness.
An essential community service, we are responsible for the care for our deceased loved ones.

Our Chevra is a diverse group of volunteers and staff; individuals who perform the Tahara ritual, accompany the dead as Shomrim, sew burial outfits, act as pallbearers, take part in our book burials, and serve on our Board of Directors. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in traditional rituals which are steeped in Jewish history and values.

Attending a funeral, making a shiva call, sending food to mourners,making a donation in memory, or participating in a Kaddish minyan, are all elements of honoring the dead and comforting mourners. We are all Chevra.

Chesed Shel Emes Services

Shmira -Sitting vigil

Since Biblical times it has been our custom to accompany the deceased from the time of death to the burial.
We provide Shmira as part of our regular services. Family and friends are welcome to join us in this beautiful expression of respect and compassion for the departing soul.

Utensils for washing during Tahara

Tahara - Ritual preparation

In many cultures, water is considered a transformative medium. The essence of the Tahara ritual is pouring purifying water over the deceased as the soul is separating from the earthly remains.

Trained volunteers wash, purify and dress the deceased in an ancient ritual, with prayer and respect.

Front foyer of the chapel features names of donors from the 1940's

Funeral services

Our adjacent chapel was built in 1947 and was an active synagogue for many years. The front foyer walls reflect our Winnipeg Jewish history with engraved names of fallen war heroes, "kind donators" and Chevra members.

Our chapel will be available for funeral services (with all COVID protocols in place). The new south building provides ramp access to the chapel and better public facilities.

Live streaming of funerals is available from our chapel.